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Yoga Alliance International (YAI) is a network of dedicated, like-minded  people and institutions devoted to the cause of authentic Yoga.

YAI  is an organization devoted to nurturing authentic Yoga traditions throughout the world. Yoga Alliance Europe, in addition to offering a banner under which Yoga Centres and     Yoga teachers throughout the European region can get together, also offers professional, certified Yoga Teachers Training Courses.

Inspired by Sri. Aurobindo and the Mother of Pondicherry, YAI was  founded by Swami Vidyanand, the well-known Yoga Master, assisted by Sri  K.M.Chandrashekaran, who has had a lifelong interest in Yoga and allied  matters. 

YAI has a number of Divisions around the world, each headed by  a  dedicated Director, who serve as our representatives in their respective  countries. They come from all corners of the world and share a  passionate commitment to the cause of authentic Yoga traditions.

YAI’s mission:

  • Create a world-wide network of Yogic minded people and institutions, regardless of affiliation or tradition.

  • Provide a platform for the encouragement of new Masters of Yoga

  • Encourage research and innovation in applying Yoga techniques to the complex problems faced by modern man

  • Establish an Yoga Institution that is open to all traditions.


As the international support and educational organization for yoga  in Europe, we work in the public interest to improve the understanding  of the value of Yoga, ensure that yoga teachers respect its history and  traditions, and that the public can be confident of the high quality and  uniform standards of instruction. YA International provides you with a  platform to connect with members located in Europe and throughout the  world.


What we need more than ever before is a network of dedicated,  like-minded people devoted to the cause of personal transformation. Without personal transformation, it is idle to talk of changing the  world. This network adds energy to our individual effort of personal  transformation, and with  synergy, we could soon transform the world.

Yoga Alliance International is a world renowned Yoga Organization  recognised by and registered with the government of India founded by Sri  Swami Vidyanand in order to create minimum standard for Yoga teachers  and schools, as well as support continuing yoga education. Since our  formation, we have emphasized mutual respect, sensitivity and support of  different yoga styles and traditions.

Teachers who meet our standards are eligible to register as Certified  Yoga Teachers and are authorized to use the initials "CYT" (Certified  Yoga Teachers) after their name. We issue logos for enrolled  teachers  to use in their resumes, advertising and business endeavors.

Yoga Alliance Europe also maintains a Registry of Yoga Schools to  recognize Yoga Teacher Training programs that meet our 200-Hour and  500-Hour standards. A school whose curriculum fulfills our minimum  training standards may apply to register as a Certified Yoga School.  Once a school is registered, all graduates  will receive a YAI  certification upon course completion. 


We maintain a world-wide Yoga Teachers Registry to recognize and  promote teachers with training that meets our high standards. Yoga  schools can also register with YA Europe in order to be featured on our  website and become part of our worldwide network.

YAI’s Ambassadors serve as our flag-bearers and take YAI’s message around the world.

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